The Association


The Governance function is undertaken by the Board of Directors, comprising of representatives elected by the membership and of a number of co-opted Committee Chairmen. The Executive formulates Association policy and is supported by several committees and working groups:















  • Operational Safety Committee - safety in manufacturing, warehousing and transport

  • Packaging & Contents Committee - relevant legislation and work on Standards

  • Volatile Substance Abuse Committee - prevention of volatile substance abuse

  • Environment Committee - environmental issues associated with manufacture and use of aerosols

  • Scientific Panel - issues relating to health and environment

  • Commercial & Planning Committee - deals with strategic aspects of the Association's management: future planning, priorities, international liaisons, etc

  • Statistics Panel - meets annually to review the outcome of the confidential survey on UK aerosol fillings

  • The BAMA Standard Group - produces and updates aspects of the BAMA Standard for Consumer Safety and Good Manufacturing Practice.