Assessing the impact of Brexit – your feedback matters

As negotiations between the UK Government and the European Commission for the UK to leave the European Union get underway, media coverage of successive meetings is widespread, yet it remains hard to discern what progress is being made.

The European Commission (EC) has clearly stated that trade negotiations cannot start until the ‘divorce settlement’ has been agreed. This settlement includes:

> the current and future rights of EU citizens resident in the UK
> the UK’s exit fee based on commitments made to EU projects and pensions which extend beyond the 2019 leaving date
> the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, (this is the only land border which exists between the UK and an EU member)
> details of on-going security, policing and judicial arrangements
> and discussions on nuclear materials and equipment (Euratom).

Details of the EU papers concerning Brexit can be viewed here.

The EC has made it clear that until these matters are resolved it will not begin negotiations on other matters, in particular, trade agreements post March 2019.
However, the UK Government has now published a series of documents detailing its hopes for the future with the EU and in addition to setting out the UK’s ambitions, each government department is seeking feedback from industry and individuals on the content and the potential impacts.

BAMA is now reviewing each of the documents to better understand the UK’s position and to assess the likely impact on the UK aerosol industry specifically.

The exchange and protection of personal data – a future partnership paper
24 August
Enforcement and dispute resolution – a future partnership paper
Providing a cross-border civil judicial cooperation framework – a future partnership paper
Continuity in the availability of goods for the EU and the UK – position paper
Northern Ireland and Ireland – position paper
Future customs arrangements – a future partnership paper

A call for evidence on the economic and social impacts of the UK’s exit from the European Union and also on how the UK’s immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial strategy has also been published and can be viewed here.

BAMA would welcome the opportunity to present the UK aerosol industries position to our contacts in government – If any of the areas noted are of interest or concern, please review the documents and send your feedback to:

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