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Safe Handling of Aerosol Propellants

DH Industries, Sullivan House, Fenton Way, Laindon, Essex. SS15 6TD

The thing that distinguishes aerosols from other packaged goods is the use of propellants. Although the most common propellants are extremely flammable, the aerosol industry has an excellent safety record and key to this has been safety procedures at the aerosol filler. This course aims to provide delegates with knowledge of the issues surrounding handling of flammable propellants and provide practical examples of how this applies to an aerosol filling line (from the point at which the propellant enters the factory from the tank farm). It then focuses on the safe operation and maintenance of the propellant storage and delivery pipes, and the aerosol filling lines (it does not cover the design, construction and modification of the plant).

The Course Content

The following topics will be covered:

  • Properties of common flammable aerosol propellants
  • Common causes of fire, and how to eliminate them in an aerosol factory
  • Classification of hazardous zones in an aerosol factory, the propellant tank farm and propellant delivery, storage and transfer
  • The gassing room and gas detection and safety
  • Propellant change-over
  • Machine settings, danger of leaking cans and static electricity, and hot water bath testing
  • Preventative measures – “Prevention is Better than Cure” – how your behaviour can affect your safety

The course will conclude with a test of your knowledge.

Who should attend?

The course is designed for operations and maintenance staff from aerosol filling plants, their line managers, or anyone who needs to have a practical knowledge of the safe handling of aerosol propellants in the plant.

Support Material

Copies of the presentations will be provided at the start of the course to assist in note-taking. 



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