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Transporting of Aerosols Course

Woodland Grange, Warwickshire.

Aerosols are pressurised containers and are classified as ‘dangerous goods’ for transport; under the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations any shipment, including samples, must be properly declared and adequately packaged.  Fortunately most aerosols are exempted from the full regulations and eligible for the more relaxed requirements when transported as ‘dangerous goods in limited quantities’. This course will teach attendee how to make this exemption. In the UK the Health and Safety at Work Act requires that employees undergo appropriate training to discharge their responsibilities during employment.  Further some years ago the Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations introduced a specific training requirement for those involved in consigning dangerous goods for transport.  This BAMA course fulfils this requirement for aerosols by explaining how to classify, pack, label, document and mark aerosols for transport.


Course Content

The course will cover why aerosols are dangerous goods and how the international transport regulations are agreed at the UN, their implementation into the specific Road, Rail, Sea and Air regulations and how they are implemented into the UK and other countries.  Whilst the course focuses on the requirements for consigning , marking and labelling packages of aerosols for transport in the transport modes, it will also deal with special cases such as posting aerosols and transporting waste aerosols cases such

Who should attend?

This one day course, delivered for BAMA by an expert from the UK Department of Transport, is designed for any employee involved in consigning aerosols for transport by road, rail, air or sea, and provides awareness for air transport.  The course covers both UK domestic and international deliveries.  A certificate will be issued to those who attend.


Support Material

All delegates will need a copy of the 13th Edition of the BAMA Guide to the International Transport of Aerosols (2019).  


Non Members Price: £350.00 +VAT

BAMA Members Price: £150.00 +VAT