Q:  Do you have details of a company that can help me produce or fill an aerosol?

A: Please see our suppliers’ page. You can search by category and contact the companies directly from the information supplied.


Q: I require some artwork for the products I’m producing, where can I get these from?

A: Artwork is available to members please contact Sally Tilbury enquiries@bama.co.uk where she will be happy to supply you with the artwork you require.


Q: Do you have a transport guide for non-members?

A: Yes, the transport guide is available to non-members who can either purchase it through our website or attend our Transport of Aerosols course (a copy is provided).


Q: We have just joined BAMA, am I eligible to join a committee?

A: Yes, if you are interested in joining any of our technical committees, please contact BAMA for more information. The Executive Committee is the board of BAMA and you would need to be voted onto this committee at the AGM.


Q: As a consultant, can I join BAMA?

A: Yes, BAMA welcomes companies of all sizes associated with the aerosol industry to become members. If you would like to discuss membership further, please contact Tiziana Dorigo tizianadorigo@bama.co.uk.


Q: If my company is a member of BAMA, does that mean we are also members of FEA?

A: No, not directly. FEA is an organisation whose members are national aerosol associations such as BAMA.             Therefore BAMA members are indirectly members of FEA and have free access to all FEA documentation via BAMA. BAMA representitves to FEA are nominated from member companies, whose representatives sit on BAMA committees.


Q: My Company isn’t a member of BAMA; can we attend the Forum and enter the BAMA Awards?

A: Unfortunately not. The BAMA Forum and Awards are only available to BAMA members. If you would like to discuss membership, please contact our Membership Manager: tizianadorigo@bama.co.uk.


Q: I have just started to store aerosols and I wonder if there are rules or regulations I need to follow?

A: BAMA has a Warehousing guide available free to members and on sale to non-members for £100. The guide has everything you need to make sure you are storing aerosols correctly.


Q: I am new to the aerosol industry and was wondering which courses would be best for me to attend?

A: There are many courses available depending on your requirements. A good start is the Aerosol Technology Course, as it gives a complete overview of all stages and components involved in the production of an aerosol product. Please visit the Courses & Events page where you will find information on each course along with details on price, dates and venue. Please note that BAMA can deliver the course at your premises, for a fixed fee, contact tizianadorigo@bama.co.uk for further details.