Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 Restrictions, the 2020 Forum & Awards was unable to take place.
It is our hope that the 2021 Forum can take place to celebrate BAMA's 60th Anniversary. In the unfortunate event that the BAMA Forum is cancelled due to COVID restrictions, a full refund will be given.
The (Members Only) Award Entries are now open! The closing date for entries is 31st August 2021. The Award Entry Form can be downloaded HERE. If you would like to enter the BAMA Awards but are not yet a member, you must apply for membership of the Association first. With £500 up for grabs for the Winners and £250 for Runners-Up, you really should consider highlighting your recent company innovations, training programmes, sustainability initiatives. The BAMA Awards will bring public recognition for your brand, company or team.
Here are some things to consider for each category
  • Aerosol of the Year – a new aerosol product made in the UK but sold ANYWHERE in the world.
  • Aerosol Packaging - aerosol PACKAGING made in the UK but sold ANYWHERE in the world. Can include the can/actuator/valve/new branding or update in design etc.
  • Sustainability – product or company related – CSR, reduction in carbon footprint – have you been innovative with your logistics and manufacturing programmes?
  • Process Safety and Training – product or company related. Look at the training processes and new systems you have in place. Highlight your apprenticeship schemes and HR initiatives. Think of staff involvement and business safety in addition to the manufacturing element.
  • Aerosol in Action photography - Member companies are welcome to submit a relevant image of a product or process which illustrates the theme of "Aerosol in Action". 
The Forum
Day 1 of the Forum will start at 12pm with registration and lunch, ending at approximately 5.00pm followed by a short AGM for members only. Day 2 will begin at 9.30am with an interactive session and is expected to close at 2.00pm with a buffet lunch. The 2021 Forum & Awards will take place on Wednesday 13th October & Thursday 14th October. The programme is currently being finalised and you will be notified of the final conference agenda. 
Awards Dinner
The BAMA Awards dinner will take place on the evening of Day 1 and will start at 6:30pm. The BAMA Awards ceremony is the perfect opportunity to highlight many of the UK Industry's success stories to guests and BAMA members, sharing best practice and recognising innovative skills across the industry. We will also have The Faulty Towers Dining Experience entertaining us through dinner followed by a guest speaker.
We have arranged a special members’ rate with the venue. The total cost of £260.00+VAT will include:
  • Conference & Lunch Day 1
  • AGM
  • Awards Dinner
  • Accommodation & Breakfast
  • Conference & Lunch Day 2

Please note: Accommodation at the Forum venue is limited. Once all places have been filled accommodation will need to be sourced by the attendee. For any queries please contact the BAMA office prior to booking your place at the event.

Non-members may not attend the conference but are encouraged to attend the awards dinner, at the invitation of a BAMA member. The cost for dinner guests is £80.00+VAT, or dinner and accommodation at the rate of £260.00+VAT, subject to availability.

Members can book their place online (you need to log in first). Alternatively you can email the BAMA team at bamaadmin@bama.co.uk.


The 2019 BAMA Awards – Results Announced

The 2019 winners of the BAMA Awards were selected by a panel drawn from the worlds of retailing, politics and environmental sustainability. The judges were: Olga Munroe, Head of the Retail Institute,  Ben Carpenter-Merrit, Policy Manager at the All-Party Manufacturing Group, and Detlev Melcher who is the owner and publisher of Aerosol Europe.

 Airfor life awards

Winner: Simply Breathe Ltd – AirForLife® - Emergency Escape Device

AirForLife® is an emergency escape device, embodied in an aerosol packaging assembly, which provides the user with a self-contained oxygen supply to aid in the escape from incidents such as a burning building or other situations in which breathing may become impaired.

Church and Dwight BamaRunner up:  Church & Dwight Europe – Batiste Waterless Cleanser Range
Waterless Cleansing Foam comes in four variants: Cleanse & Shine, Cleanse & Strengthen, Cleanse & Smooth, Cleanse & Hydrate. This innovation is a game changer in the dry shampoo industry, giving the consumers a shower-like cleaning experience in a Dry Shampoo.

Bama awards James BriggsRunner up: James Briggs Ltd – Hycote Graphene Anti-Corrosion Primer
Specifically developed to provide excellent resistance to corrosion, Hycote graphene primer is the only aerosol primer using graphene in production today. Performing significantly better than a standard primer, Hycote graphene primer withstood more than 1,750 hours of standardised salt-spray corrosion testing, compared to standard primer which showed signs of damage as early as 168 hours. 
Pritchard Spray Bama AwardsRunner Up: Pritchard Spray Technology Ltd – Deft Household Cleaning Range
Deft combines the benefits of aerosol with Anyway Spray® technology and zero emissions propellant delivering a world beating new product format & sophisticated packaging design.

Ball360 Bama AwardsWinner: Ball Aerosol Can - Ball Aluminium Aerosol 360° Can
The aluminium 360° can technology offers symmetrical and asymmetrical shaping available over the full circumference of the can. Artwork is oriented to perfectly fit the relief area and complement the shaping, resulting in a can that is visually engaging from all angles while providing additional grip for usability.
Pritchard Spray Bama AwardsRunner Up: Pritchard Spray Technology Ltd – Deft Household Cleaning Range
Deft combines the benefits of aerosol with Anyway Spray® technology and zero emissions propellant delivering a world beating new product format & sophisticated packaging design.
Coster Bama AwardsHighly Commended: Coster Aerosols - Textured Effect Actuator
Coster realized a new way of conceiving the actuator where the personalization is related to the eye-catching effect and not to the shape. 

 Triple Line - Bama AwardsWinner: Triple Line Technology – TLT foam dispenser
TLT-foamer technology is a low-cost and easy to implement innovation with the potential to significantly reduce the total volume of VOCs or nitrous oxide released to the atmosphere, enabling the development of a wide range of sustainable foamed aerosol products.
Proctor and GambleRunner Up: Procter & Gamble – 100% Polymer Aerosol
A 100% polymer aerosol container developed to meet the needs of consumers while assuring safety and functionality and striving for recyclability. This innovation is the first aerosol container which attempts to meet the needs of both the aerosol and recycling industries.
Coster SustainabilityHighly Commended: Coster Aerosols – Corporate Sustainability Programme
COSTER’s 2018 Sustainability Report demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, achieved by putting in place a group-wide improvement plan & monitoring system that gives a transparent, objective and measurable overview of the progress year on year.

Unilever LeedsWinner: Unilever – Unilever Process Safety
The process safety management programme is paramount to Unilever’s sustainable business in aerosol manufacture, and has resulted in external auditors deeming Unilever Leeds as a site with sustained, outstanding process safety management performance.
AllowayRunner up: Alloway UK Ltd – AP Vision System
A vision and control system that uses a single camera to check that product and/or perfume has been injected into the can correctly. Working at up to 500 cans per minute, the system will identify faulty containers before the valve is inserted, meaning they can be reworked rather than scrapped.
Highly Commended: WD40 Company - Smart Stack
Specially desiged for retailers, Smart Stack is shop ready packaging which requires no handling. Once in store, retailers need only open the external cover-protecter for the stack to be displayed ready. No further preparation is required.

Aerosols in actionWinner: Pritchard Spray Technology Ltd

The winner was voted by the Forum delegates, via secret ballot, after the judges had shortlisted four images. The winning image will be used as the cover of the 2020 BAMA Annual Report. In addition, the photographer behind the image will receive a yearly membership to the Guild of Photographers.

Grant Copeland

Winner: Grant Coupland of Colep UK Ltd 

Recognised by board members for his contribution to the industry, Grant was a key figure in the creation of ACOA – an alliance between Colep, Pax in Australia and Diazo in Japan. Prior to his current role, Grant worked for CCL in Scunthorpe and remained with the company following its merger with Colep. In addition, Grant has sat on the BAMA Committee, held the position of Chairman of the Association, and currently represents BAMA on the FEA Board of Directors.