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Because aerosols are so versatile, they fall within the scope of a wide range of regulations as well as the Aerosol Dispensers Directive.

Most legislation relevant to our sector is pan European. The European Commission proposes a Directive (implemented by national legislation) or Regulation, (directly implemented into each Member State). This is then considered by representatives of the governments of the EU.

The majority of work is carried out by national civil servants who are part of transnational working groups. Their recommendations are then formally agreed by the ‘Council of Ministers’. There are several Councils of Ministers, such as Finance, Environment, etc. each of them gathers the relevant ministers from each of the Member States.

The third ‘leg’ is the European Parliament, made up of elected representatives of each Member State.

Legislation must be agreed by all three bodies before it is finally enacted. The process can be long and difficult, with many negotiations along the way.

The European trade associations' role is to work with the Commission, but on its own that is not enough. With two of the three key bodies linked to the respective national entities, the role of a national trade association is vital. The real opportunities to influence legislation are at local level, through working with civil servants and lobbying MEPs. Clear, accurately timed and coordinated lobbying across all the Member States is the most effective way to put over an industry’s viewpoint.

BAMA tracks the key pieces of legislation and provides advice and guidance to members on how they affect the aerosols sector.


For your information, please view the websites below which may help you in your search.


European Union

The Department of Transport for London

HSE - Health and Safety Executive

ECHA - European Chemicals Agency

DUCC - Downstream Users for Chemicals Co-ordination Group

DEFRA - The Departments for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


FEA Guidelines on Basic Safety Requirements in Laboratories dealing with Aerosols

These Guidelines represent a valuable contribution in achieving this goal, not only for our industry, but also for laboratories which are not dealing with aerosol dispensers on a regular base. These Guidelines are recommended by FEA as a practical contribution to good and safe practice in the various operations encountered in laboratories engaged in the development or testing of aerosol products. Please note that these Guidelines should be considered in addition to local legislation, which will always take priority BAMA members can obtain a free copy by using the BAMA Members Log-on; otherwise the Guide can be purchased for €50 from FEA