Benefits Of BAMA Membership

BAMA welcomes members directly involved in every aspect of the aerosol industry including manufacturers of raw materials, machinery and packaging for the aerosol industry, as well as fillers, distributors and marketers of both industrial and consumer aerosol products. Our members range from large multi nationals to one person businesses.

Aerosols tend to be a special case in terms of legislation and the management of environment, health and safety issues. They require very specific expertise and in-depth knowledge of the technology, the industry and the issues themselves which is not available within any other trade association. 

For many businesses, aerosols represent a major part of their profitability, which is at the same time the most vulnerable to adverse legislation or public opinion. BAMA's job is to manage that environment on behalf of its members.

Membership of BAMA is frequently seen by regulators, enforcement agencies and customers as an indicator of a company which takes its business and responsibilities seriously.

Members also report that working with the Trade Association is an invaluable tool for staff development, increasing advocacy, analytical, networking and influencing skills.  Membership of BAMA also provides opportunities for companies to influence decision making in the EU.

The secretariat team aims to maintain a constant dialogue with our members and we are always delighted to visit member companies to discuss current issues.


How BAMA Works

We know that our members often have little time or staff to devote to Trade Association activities and we keep the number of committees and meetings as low as we can, if possible setting up ad hoc groups with a finite life to deal with a particular issue and using electronic communication wherever possible.


Together with its role of representing the industry on legislation, BAMA has earned a strong reputation for its proactive approach to issues management and communications, and runs many projects to protect and enhance the industry's reputation.



Our main focus is on sustainable development, encompassing:

- safety, through the BAMA Standard for Consumer Safety and Good Manufacturing Practice;

- transport issues;

- environmental issues, including climate change, recycling, air quality, health effects of aerosol consumer products;

- future aerosol technology; promoting aerosol innovations;

- science educational materials aligned to the National Curriculum;

- enhancing the reputation of the aerosol with decision makers and the public.