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Support for Local Authorities


Recycling Programmes for Local Authorities


Following the successful Aerofoil Programme involving Alupro, BAMA and Unilever, BAMA has joined the new  MetalMatters initiative to take the awareness of recycling metals, aerosols included, to even more Local Authorities.


The programme targets local authorities specifically, encouraging them to collect empty aerosols and clean aluminium foil packaging alongside other household recyclables to increase recycling rates and consumer awareness. 


The MetalMatters programme is set up through sponsorship and local initiatives such as leafleting, spots on local radio and personal intervention with Local Authorities and their waste management companies.


At the end of 2015 96% of Local Authorities collected aerosols at kerbside. 

More information can be found on the website. 


Support for Local Authorities


Kerbside recyclingIf you are including aerosols in your recycling scheme, please see the draft text available to help you promote it to householders. If you are not already including aerosols in your recycling scheme then the information below explains how to go about it:


Markets exist for the materials recovered from recycling aerosols, which can add revenue to your recycling schemes (as valuable commodities in their own right) and avoid landfill costs and taxes:

·         Steel Aerosols are accepted by many secondary metals dealers

·         Aluminium Aerosols are now accepted by several recycling companies and secondary metals dealers.



Empty aerosols may be included in the domestic post-consumer waste recycling stream as long as some basic precautions are taken.

 ·         Leave aerosols mixed in with other metal waste - do not segregate and concentrate them.

·         Ask consumers to remove loose plastic parts such as over-caps/lids.

·         Educate consumers to put only EMPTY used aerosols in can banks or kerbside collections.

·         Consumers must not pierce or squash the cans.

·         Ensure that you are taking the usual health and safety precautions for a well run Material Reclamation Facility especially ruling out sources of ignition.

·         Although a flammable atmosphere can be generated within the baler or in the finished bales, tests show that this dissipates very quickly in the surrounding air.