BAMA Chemical Tox Profiles

The BAMA Chemical Tox Profile Summaries are a series of reports presenting the hazard potential of a number of chemical ingredients used in aerosol products, with particular emphasis given to discussion of potential effects following inhalation or dermal exposure. While it is anticipated that these reviews will be of general interest and application, they have been developed with a view to providing a summary of the publicly available data (at the time of writing) that will need to be considered by suppliers and downstream users when conducting the Chemical Safety Assessment of the chemical as required by REACH.

All Chemical Tox Profiles have been complied for BAMA by The Institute of Environment and Health (IEH).

The Institute of Environment and Health (IEH) was established at Cranfield University in November 2005. The research and consultancy activities of the Institute are principally funded through specific grants, contracts and awards by UK Government Departments and Agencies.


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