The BAMA Standard

In 1997, BAMA committed to a Strategy Action Plan which focuses on safety in the manufacture and use of aerosol products. Key to the plan is The BAMA Standard for Consumer Safety and Good Manufacturing Practice. The BAMA Standard defines good practice and provides a step-by-step guide for companies to assess their performance against clear requirements. Teams of experts from the aerosol industry have written The Standard not just for BAMA Members but for the industry as a whole. 


BAMA has always worked closely with Government Agencies on questions of aerosol safety. The Department Business Innovation and Skill’s Consumer Safety Unit, LACOTS and the Health and Safety Executive have been consulted on the contents of The Standard. 

What are the key changes for issue 5? 

• Module 1 – new guidance relating to REACH and the revise EU Aerosol Dispensers Directive 
• Module 3 – new requirements to incorporate existing BAMA guidance on packing of finished aerosols for transport. 
• Module 4 – new requirements and advice to reflect the implementation of REACH, the revision of the EU Aerosol Dispensers Directive and the introduction of the new EU Regulation on the Classification, Labelling and Packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP). 
• Module 5 - adjustment to align with the ADR 2009 Transport regulations and to highlight changes due to be implemented from 2011. 
• Module 7 – changes to the regulatory framework to reflect the difference in how waste management regimes work in the devolved administrations of the UK. 
• Module 9 – to reflect the reality that most of the activities relating to product recall and consumer returns are outside the direct control of the aerosol manufacturers, BAMA has decided to issue expanded ‘stand alone’ advice on this issue. Module 9 has therefore been withdrawn and is now know as the BAMA Recall Guide.


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