Guide to the Recall or Withdrawal of Aerosol Consumer Products

This Guide has been renamed the BAMA Guide to the Recall or Withdrawal of Aerosol Consumer Products and is the 4th edition of BAMA guidance on the subject. Under the General Product Safety Directive companies must be in a position to carry out corrective action if a consumer product is found to be unsafe. While there is plenty of useful general guidance now available on product recall there are frequently specific issues to address concerning the recall of aerosols. This Guide gives practical aerosol-specific advice based on actual experience of aerosol product recalls, including checklists of actions and how to inform the supply chain right up to the  consumer. It also summarises the general regulatory requirements and gives details of where to access further detailed information and how to inform the authorities. 

This edition of the Guide is available only as an electronic document. It includes an interactive risk assessment tool which can help companies assess the severity of the problem, decide on the most appropriate action and how to carry it out.

The Guide incorporates and replaces the Product Recall module of the BAMA Standard for Consumer Safety and Good Manufacturing Practice (issue 4).

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