What people say about BAMA



"Being involved with BAMA has allowed us to develop incredible knowledge. We feel that we are nearer the rest of industry and part of the group making sure that aerosols remain a sustainable form of packaging in view to maintain profitable operations. It delivers insight influence and information as per the association motto.

The secretariat is always there when needed. It is efficient and professional. The development of new communication tools makes it easy to know what is going on. Each BAMA event is an occasion to meet with the rest of the industry. These events generate a relaxed platform where all aspects of aerosols business are discussed. It feels like being part of the family and it's a great way to welcome new comers too."

Jean Blottiere, Sales Manager UK & KAM, Ball Aerocan Europe


"As an association, the assistance that BAMA gives us from a technical perspective to delivering a wide range of training courses that both fit with the personal needs of the individual as well as the needs of the business, has been invaluable over the last few years. The flexibility in offering help and the willingness to do off site or in house training is very flexible and sought after by FMCG’s such as C&D.

BAMA continues to be progressive in seeking out what their members needs are and show a desire to understand and tailor all the services they offer to give value for money.

I would consider that any business that is not currently a member of BAMA and has links either directly or indirectly should consider the immense benefits that becoming a member of the association can offer."

Andy Gibbs, European Purchasing Manager Church & Dwight UK Ltd


"BAMA membership provides access to aerosol experts and provides support to ensure that the systems you have installed are correctly designed to protect your people, your business and be compliant with the law. The BAMA committees consist of peer companies and it is a great opportunity to benchmark on safety concerns / procedures and to learn from each other’s experience.

It is important to realise that an incident / concern associated with one aerosol supplier can also affect the entire aerosol industry and that is why BAMA is so important to bring together all the players within the entire supply chain to protect the interests of the overall aerosol industry."

Dr Darren Moppet, Global Innovation HS&E, Procter & Gamble


"My company asked me to become a member of the Operational Safety Committee which I found quite daunting as I did not have that much experience of working with aerosols. However the team at BAMA put me at ease and explained the process. I gain a lot of knowledge at these meetings about best practice that is already in place plus I am involved in future issues around the safety of aerosols.

I would highly recommend this committee to any quality/engineering professional involved with aerosols."

John Portt, Group Health and Safety Manager CMIOSH, Swallowfield plc


"One of the major benefits of our membership with BAMA is that we have been able add value to our business by ensuring best practice is followed for all of our aerosol production. Membership is viewed by many of our customers and industry regulators as a sign that we take our commitment to responsible manufacturing seriously.  In our opinion, one of the most important aspects of BAMA is its core values.  The team works tirelessly to create a sustainable future for the aerosol industry by promoting sustainable development which includes: safety, consumer safety, safe transportation and environmental issues such as climate change, recycling and air quality.

BAMA has also been crucial in offering a co-ordinated voice of aerosol businesses discussing our interests with Government representatives and quickly disseminating messages about Government policy to members. 

The service provided by all levels of the BAMA team is second to none; with a co-ordinated approach to promote engagement with its members whilst understanding that members often have busy schedules and little time or staff to devote to activities.  From our experience, you can be assured that whenever a question or query is raised with the team, you will receive a prompt but comprehensive reply. The BAMA events that our employees have attended have all been incredibly well organised; the team never lose sight of the ultimate goal while managing the smallest detail. The events are extremely well planned ensuring that the subject is relevant and presented in the most efficient formats.  You can be assured that time spent attending events is always well rewarded." 

Clare Hetherington, Marketing Manager,  Reabrook Ltd



"One of the more forward-thinking organisations. BAMA should be congratulated on their approach."


Government Representatives and Scientists

"Always very responsive, professional and obliging."

"They represent their members and their interests in a constructive way. They are honest and frank. They work with people rather than against them."


Other Associations

“BAMA is a great example of an efficient and effective trade association and one which sets the standards for other trade bodies. IFRA United Kingdom sees BAMA as an exemplar of good practice. When I became Director of the Fragrance Association,  a number of senior industry people suggested that,  if we could emulate BAMA,  we would be doing a great job. BAMA not only became an example of what we wanted to accomplish but in turn has always been a very good resource for us. We send BAMA our congratulations in this, its 50th birthday year.”

Lisa Hipgrave Director - IFRA United Kingdom