What people say about BAMA



"One of the more forward-thinking organisations. BAMA should be congratulated on their approach."


Government Representatives and Scientists:

"Always very responsive, professional and obliging."

"They represent their members and their interests in a constructive way. They are honest and frank. They work with people rather than against them."


Other Associations

“BAMA is a great example of an efficient and effective trade association and one which sets the standards for other trade bodies. IFRA United Kingdom sees BAMA as an exemplar of good practice. When I became Director of the Fragrance Association,  a number of senior industry people suggested that,  if we could emulate BAMA,  we would be doing a great job. BAMA not only became an example of what we wanted to accomplish but in turn has always been a very good resource for us. We send BAMA our congratulations in this, its 50th birthday year.”
Lisa Hipgrave Director - IFRA United Kingdom


"Having spent over 40 years in the Aerosol Industry, and seen regulations multiply, I am always impressed that you all (at BAMA) manage to get a quick grasp of these important issues, and put things over in an easy -to -understand format. The service you are giving members, especially small companies like ours, should not be underestimated, and I fail to understand why there are still companies out there who are not members of BAMA"
John Wood - Starline Products Ltd

"BAMA's 'Introduction to Aerosols Course', provided me with an excellent induction into all aspects of aerosol technology which I can now build upon within our Business. I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive nature with which the course was given and the theory was brought to life with real examples such as constructing an actuator or the stages of making a tin aerosol can. I would recommend this course to anyone who needs to have a basic understanding of the aerosol delivery format."
Pamela Bloor - Global Regulatory Affairs Manager, Deodrants Category - Unilever


Cascade has developed an innovative leak detection system for aerosol can production and we believe that BAMA will provide the perfect platform to engage with the industry through its series of events, informal workshops and training courses. 
Richard Cooper - Commercial Director, Cascade Technologies