Speakers from around the world gathered on Tuesday to share the latest innovations in aerosol design and technology at the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association Innovation Day.


The event, held at Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry, saw 14 experts from Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Spain and the UK, share and discuss their latest innovations with the 95 industry colleagues who attended the day.


Insights into the use of microfluidic technology in aerosols were presented as a method of improving cost efficiencies and the use of interactive packaging on aerosol cans to cater for the growing, ‘switched on’  Millennial generation was also presented as a means of capitalising on aerosol cans for greater consumer engagement.


Highlighting the continued importance of sustainability to companies, new approaches to improve the traceability and sustainability of aerosols through the use of smart packaging were also brought to the attention of the audience.


Patrick Heskins, chief executive of BAMA said: “It was a real pleasure to see so many colleagues and experts from the industry come along to share their work. It’s an exciting time for the aerosol industry and with the standard of research and development and design we saw yesterday, we should be proud and very positive about the future.”


Patrick continued: “We received a lot of very positive feedback from the event and we are already on course for planning Innovation Day number two!”


The event also saw BAMA introduce its updated ‘BAMA Standard’ for Consumer Safety and Good Manufacturing Practice. Patrick said: “The BAMA Standard is a ‘cradle to grave’ guide for companies involved in any way with the aerosol industry. It’s an essential point of reference, written by aerosol industry experts and providing digestable step-by-step information on all you need to know on aerosol design, supply, manufacturing, labelling and transportation.”


The BAMA Standard for Consumer Safety and Good Manufacturing Practice is available to members free of charge as part of their membership; however, non-members can also obtain a copy at a cost of £1,250. Contact the BAMA office at enquiries@bama.co.uk for more information. 

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