Today, 20th April, the furlough scheme portal has gone live. The link for the portal can be found HERE 

It was also announced that the scheme would be extended until at least 30 June 2020 and there were a number of Government publications released over the weekend. 

On Friday night (17 April 2020) the Government released two new guidance documents:

a. A high level "step-by-step" guide on to how to make a claim 
b. A guide which explains how to calculate the amount of the claim

In addition, both the employers’ guidance and employees’ guidance were updated further on 17 April 2020 (version number five).

  1. The purpose of the employers’ guidance is to provide information about eligibility for the scheme – information about the calculation of the claim and finer detail has been moved to the document at 1(b).
  2. The employees’ guidance now actively encourages employees to report their employers to HMRC if they suspect they are abusing the scheme.


The FDF legal advisers have made available online a document on how to maximise the chances of a successful claim.


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